Why WealthPoint

Welcome to WealthPoint Advisors.

We know that we can’t promise what your future will hold.  But we can promise that our team at WealthPoint Advisors will work hard to secure your tomorrow, today.  Our competitors charge big fees for little service.  We’re here to turn that around.  We aren’t associated with any banks, insurance companies, or brokerage firms, so we can offer our clients solid, research-based advice backed by our years of industry experience.

The WealthPoint Advantage

The WealthPoint Advantage

WealthPoint IS:WealthPoint ISN'T:
Client always first - that's the fiduciary waySelf-Fulfilling
Comprehensive CFP® expertsAdvise only on investments
Strategy & a roadmap (financial plan)Hopeful it will pay off
Big service, transparent, fee-onlySmall service, commission based, hidden fees
Defined process and client experienceTalk once a year and be pitched a product to buy

1. Our clients are always first.

Talk about abiding by fiduciary standard and as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are required by law to act in our clients’ best interest.  A fiduciary duty is one of complete trust and utmost good faith.  Talk about long lasting relationships with current clients and that our greatest honor is being invited to a child’s wedding or to play golf or just grab a beer as a friend.

2. Our expertise covers all walks of life.

How We Can Help

Financial PlanningEducation on Market & InvestingFree up your time to focus on what's really importantSpouse Involvement
Investment SelectionManage Emotions & StressCoordinate with other professionalsMulti-Generational & Legacy Planning
Asset AllocationAvoid Costly Behavioral MistakesPersonalized ServiceChildren Immersion
Retirement PlanningPeace of MindInvestment MonitoringCharitable Planning
Multi-Year Tax PlanningTrusted Second OpinionRebalance Portfolio
Estate Planning

3. Our academic approach to wealth management.

As a wealth management firm, it is our goal to provide guidance and expertise and discourage “emotional investing.” Following our extensive initial consultation process regarding our clients’ accounts, we use the following basic guiding principles of investing to establish an “efficient portfolio”:

Markets work.
Capital markets are not always right and prices are not always right, but markets are so competitive that it is unlikely an investor can systematically profit from mistakes in the market at the expense of others.

Active management generally fails.
There have been a limited number of active managers that outperform the market, but no more than you would expect by chance, and it is difficult to identify them in advance.

Market timing is risky.

A successful market timing strategy requires three correct decisions: when to get in, when to get out, and when to get back in. The success rate required to beat a buy-and-hold strategy is unattainable for most investors.

Risk and return are related.

Diversification is key.

Bring discipline to the process.
Capital markets are noisy. Investors must maintain their discipline and adhere to a long-term investment strategy in order to have a successful investment experience that captures capital market rates of return.

4. The value far outweighs the cost.

Download our Fee Structure and see the WealthPoint Advantage.

Click here to download: WealthPoint Fee Structure

5. Process for prospective clients to determine if we’re a good fit.

Our process is very simple. We do not sell products and instead focus on serving our clients by providing advice. Our introductory process consists of three steps:

Discovery Session & Goals

1. First, during our initial Discovery Meeting, we learn as much about you both qualitatively and quantitatively as we can. We seek to understand your unique situation and your dreams for the future.

Investment Planning & Review

2. Next, during our Investment Plan Meeting, after we know where you want to go, we illustrate strategies that we believe will help improve your situation and build a path toward a better future.

Wealthpoint Advisor Review

3. Finally, at our Mutual Commitment Meeting, we decide if working together would be mutually beneficial. We are not right for everyone, nor is everyone right for us.


We believe this process will allow you to see how we help families clarify goals and refocus efforts toward achieving what is truly important.  There is no cost to follow this process and determine if we are a good fit.  The only cost is your time.

If you decide to you would like to work with us, we will work to jointly create a wealth management plan in the first 90 days that seeks to accomplish your financial and life goals.


Let's Plan For Tomorrow, Together.